Homewood News

First Homewood Small Business Expo

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette July 5, 2016 by Joyce Gannon For decades, Homewood has labored under its image as a blighted, crime-infested corner of the city that certainly doesn’t inspire entrepreneurship. But community leaders are trying to recast the East End neighborhood’s reputation, and a small business expo scheduled for Saturday is meant to jumpstart that initiative. […]

$50 million Investment to Homewood Residential Development

Trib Live June 26, 2016 by Bob Bauder This will be the biggest investment in Homewood in 70 years” – Pittsburgh City Councilman Ricky Burgess Nearly $50 million in residential development is expected to kick off in coming months in one of Pittsburgh’s poorest neighborhoods, city and neighborhood officials said. The Urban Redevelopment Authority, Housing […]

Homewood Leaders Working Together to Help the Community

February 17, 2016 Community-based organizations have been operating in Homewood for years, albeit working independently, toward addressing specific community problems. Over the last year many of these organizations have worked toward coming together to create a comprehensive development process that holistically addresses Homewood’s needs. These organizations include: • Bible Center Church • Building United of […]

A New Script For Homewood

Homewood Nation January 22, 2016 By Elwin Green Grab a cup of coffee, this will take a little while… Homewood has become the focus of a great deal of attention by people who want to see it redeveloped. This focus has intensified both the danger and the opportunity that have been close at hand for […]

What Homewood Could Be

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette September 23, 2015 By Rev. Ricky Burgess On Sept. 16, dozens of people — men and women, young and old — gathered on a street corner in Homewood for a vigil to mark the two-year anniversary of the death of 19-year-old Anton Smith, a victim of gun violence. This vigil then itself became […]

Homewood Community Meet and Greet

September 12, 2015 Homewood’s leaders and members of the community came together to discuss collaborating in creating a comprehensive development process that holistically addresses Homewood’s needs. Watch the video below to hear from the speakers.  

Mayor Peduto Announces a “New Day for Homewood”

Pittsburgh’s mayor, Bill Peduto, announced today that Homewood community leaders are coming together for coordinated work and intentioned efforts that will be focused around a comprehensive community plan. He announced “there’s a new day in Homewood,” and a legitimate opportunity for hope and sustained effective efforts. The end goal of this new collaboration, which has […]