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Event Submission Guidelines[hide]

Those parties desiring to post an event on the HELP website are required to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Events should pertain to the following neighborhoods: Homewood, East Hill, East Liberty, Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar, or Larimer.
  • All entries must be submitted no less than 5 business days prior to the date of the event.
  • All submission forms must contained all required fields.
  • All events must be open to the general public. Private, for-profit events are not accepted.
  • Examples of posted events include: community meetings, festivals, sporting events, professional workshops, collection drives.
  • Entries may not contain language that is obscene, profane, offensive, or violent.
  • Entries shall not be false, misleading, or deceptive.
  • HELP reserves the right to edit, approve, or decline any event submitted to the calendar.

Please note: All events are subject to review and approval before they are posted; your event will not post automatically on the calendar when you click “Submit Event.”