The Change

The HELP initiative will seek to transform the East End in the following areas:

  1. Safety

    Assist in implementing “hotspot” crime prevention and housing acquisition strategy throughout the East End. The hotspot strategy implementation is essential to stabilize the neighborhoods in the East End. This strategy requires overall coordination to select, purchase, rehab, and maintain selected properties. The hotspot strategy not only improves the community’s safety but also significantly helps increase housing options.

  2. Housing

    Transform low-income communities with distressed and abandoned housing and vacant land into stable communities with energy- efficient, mixed-income housing that is physically and financially viable over the long term.

  3. People

    Support positive outcomes for families who live in the target communities particularly outcomes related to residents’ health, safety, employment, mobility, and education.

  4. Community

    Transform communities of poverty into viable, mixed-income communities with access to well-functioning services, high-quality public schools and education programs, high-quality early learning programs and services, public assets, public transportation, and improved access to jobs.

  5. Local Business Development

    Create strong community based businesses by providing:
    ◦    Technical assistance to existing and/or emerging small businesses
    ◦    Protection plan for existing small businesses
    ◦    Funding and resources for business development and expansion
    ◦    Rebuilding historic business district corridors
    ◦    Mixed-use buildings with subsidies for local businesses

  6. Sustainability

    Develop ecologically sustainable neighborhoods that incorporate principles of Green Enterprise Standards, storm water management, energy production, open/green space and options for food production.