Mayor Peduto Announces a “New Day for Homewood”

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Pittsburgh’s mayor, Bill Peduto, announced today that Homewood community leaders are coming together for coordinated work and intentioned efforts that will be focused around a comprehensive community plan. He announced “there’s a new day in Homewood,” and a legitimate opportunity for hope and sustained effective efforts. The end goal of this new collaboration, which has unified political support, is to have community organizations and other stakeholders working in concert in a disciplined, systematic fashion to achieve collective systemic impact. The result will be to create long-term constructive community-wide change that equitably improves Homewood residents’ lives. This plan to raise that community out of poverty and give the men, women, and children who live in Homewood an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this great city.

This is historic for two reasons. First, we’re tearing down the stereotype that we can’t work together. These seven community groups and leaders put the lie to that. Second, we have a commitment from the mayor to make sure this group is at the development table. And backed by the mayor, we will move Homewood forward. – Representative Ed Gainey