Public Wifi for Larimer and East Liberty

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
March 4, 2016

Public WiFi access will be extended to parts of the city’s Larimer and East Liberty neighborhoods, thanks to a $150,000 Google grant and a collaborative effort by the search engine giant, the Kingsley Association, and city of Pittsburgh.

Included in the new service area will be Enright Court, East Liberty Gardens and the first phase of a residential development that is underway in Larimer.

More than 20 percent of city homes lack Internet access, according to Google, and part of the company’s mission is digital inclusion.

The network will include 14 to 20 outdoor meshed access points and supporting network controllers, switches, routers and subscriber antennas within the neighborhoods. The Kingsley Association will also get WiFi access as part of the project.

Google, which is based in California, has offices in Bakery Square in Larimer.


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