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September 16, 2016

New Report Sets Equitable Development Agenda for Pittsburgh

Mayor William Peduto and community leaders gather for the release of “Equitable Development: The Path to an All-In Pittsburgh”

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh is a city on the rise, yet too many residents remain cut off from opportunity by poverty, structural racism, and discrimination. Local leaders must implement a targeted, intentional strategy for equitable development to ensure all can thrive in the new Pittsburgh. PolicyLink, Neighborhood Allies, and Urban Innovation21 convened dozens of Pittsburgh community leaders to create a shared definition of equitable development and craft an agenda to make it the reality. Equitable Development: The Path to an All-In Pittsburgh presents a roadmap to put all of the region’s residents on track to reaching their potential. Through the All-In Cities initiative, PolicyLink equips city leaders with policy ideas, data, and strategies to advance racial economic inclusion and equitable growth.

Pittsburgh is the perfect place to start an All-In Cities initiative. As the city successfully transforms its economy and sees a wave of new development, an equitable development strategy is essential to ensure that all neighborhoods and residents, including those of color, participate and benefit. Achieving full inclusion will lead to sustainable and shared prosperity.”
Angela Glover Blackwell, PolicyLink president and CEO

This report outlines a five-point agenda for equitable development:

  • Raise the bar for new development — Growth must happen in a way that benefits and does not displace longtime lower-income residents and neighborhood entrepreneurs.
  • Make all neighborhoods healthy communities of opportunity — The region needs a comprehensive strategy to increase housing affordability and stability and to unlock opportunity in its highest poverty neighborhoods.
  • Expand employment and ownership opportunities — Connecting lower-wealth residents to good, family-sustaining jobs and asset-building opportunities is critical to ensuring they participate in and contribute to the region’s resurgence.
  • Embed racial equity throughout Pittsburgh’s institutions and businesses — To eliminate wide racial inequities and uproot bias, the region’s institutions, organizations, and businesses need to adopt racial equity-focused approaches.
  • Build community power, voice, and capacity — High-capacity community-rooted organizations and multiracial, multisector coalitions are essential to advancing equitable development policies and practices over the long term.

“The time is now to drive economic prosperity for all, not just some in Pittsburgh,” said Presley Gillespie, Neighborhood Allies President. “This five-point agenda and accompanying recommendations is the culmination of many months spent engaging more than 200 local leaders. It is an intentional effort to ensure inclusive growth in our region for years to come and we look forward to pursuing its implementation. We believe that implementing this strategy will provide all residents and entrepreneurs the opportunity to contribute, benefit and thrive in the new Pittsburgh.”

“Our region’s economic growth will only continue if we address the very real racial and socioeconomic challenges we face. This report provides a pathway for us to follow to make this growth equitable,” said Bill Generett, Urban Innovation21 President and CEO.

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