Larimer Community Plans


2008 Community Plan

Beginning in the Fall of 2007, over 125 residents, business owners, community organizations and partners in the Larimer neighborhood provided leadership and input to create an updated community plan. Through more than 100 one-on-one interviews including 30 residents, 3 collaborative innovation sessions, community meetings, weekly team meetings over 11 months, and the development of the first ever community-based Action Teams, the neighborhood of Larimer has
come together to develop a shared understanding of its own strengths and challenges, and a unified strategy for creating the kind of community we all want to be a part of. With funding from the Urban Redevelopment Authority and support from Senator Jim Ferlo, a team of community partners including East Liberty Concerned Citizens Corporation and the Kingsley Association provided the resources, capacity and expertise to help prepare this plan and further the process of realizing Larimer’s community-driven vision.

After 30 years of decline and multiple past planning initiatives, the citizens and partners of Larimer are organizing to create projects that will change our community from the inside out—and in the process, we’re learning to work together, build trust, create immediate results and position community members as leaders in the future development of our neighborhood—all of which will be needed to attract the resources necessary for a strong, vibrant and safe place to work, worship and raise our families.



2010 Larimer Vision Plan

The Larimer Consensus Group and its partners worked in 2010 to create a second plan — a comprehensive land use plan, vision and market assessment for the Larimer Avenue Corridor.