SCORE Presents: Legal Aspects of Starting Your Own Business

  • 6:00 PM-7:30PM
  • CLP – Homewood CLP – Homewood, 7101 Hamilton Ave Pittsburgh 15208
  • 412.731.3080

OK… You want to start your own business. You have a great idea; you have done a business plan to assess its viability, and now are ready to get started. But wait… You have some questions: what about paying taxes, what if I get sued, do I need a license to do business, how do I protect my idea and my name, what if I have employees, what if my spouse works for the business, what kind of contracts will I need with vendors, landlords, customers, how do I set-up so I can sell the business someday…? These are the kinds of questions that every small business owner asks. If you have legal questions and need some answers, come to our seminar, “Legal Aspects of Starting Your Own Business.”

Our presenter is Lynn Emerson, Esq. Lynn is managing partner at BusinessLegal, PC, a law firm that serves small businesses across the Pittsburgh region. Lynn and her partners have helped businesses and non-profits organize, write contracts, mitigate risk, plan for succession, and protect intellectual property. Lynn speaks regularly on legal aspects of starting a business for SCORE and the Work Certified Academy

Presented by the CLP — Homewood (